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Seth Wickersham | ESPN

The Book of Coach

Bill Walsh found the winning edge, but winning wasn’t enough. He began to think he could do something no coach had done: conquer the game itself.

Brandon Sneed | Bleacher Report

Before the Hoodie

Bill Belichick's love for football began as a young boy in a dark room with a projector. Before long, the game had him.

Lincoln Riley | Players' Tribune


The very first day I walked onto campus at Oklahoma, my initial feeling wasn’t awe or excitement. I felt pressure. I felt a sense of responsibility.

S.L. Price | Sports Illustrated

Coach Chucky

Jon Gruden has all the qualities of the perfect NFL coach: He's tireless, hypercritical and, occasionally, scary as hell.

Jack McCallum | Sports Illustrated

A Hard Man for a Hard Job

The New York Jets' Bill Parcells, resurrector of three NFL teams, is nasty, stubborn and domineering. Those are only some of the reasons he may be the best coach in the league.

Brandon Sneed | Bleacher Report

I’m Not the Lone Wolf

Chasing Ambien with beer to sleep. Forty-pound weight loss. Chest pains. To stay in football, Urban Meyer had to address his mental health.

James Franklin | Players' Tribune

Roaring Back

When I first arrived at Penn State, it was a program with tremendous pride and tradition, but it was also a program hurting for a lot of different reasons.

Mark Saltveit | Philadelphia Inquirer

What Makes Chip… Chip

When Chip Kelly arrived in Philadelphia, little was known about the enigmatic coach from Oregon. Over a year and a half later, he remains a mystery to most — aside from his fast-paced offense.

Rick Bragg | Sports Illustrated

In the Nick of Time

The Alabama faithful were done with waiting, with mediocrity, and with disappointment. They were in need of a savior to bring back the glory.