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Steve Wulf | ESPN

Meant to Be

Dave Roberts took a long path back to Los Angeles, but now he has the Dodgers on the cusp of greatness by doing it the only way he knows — the Dodger Way.

Steve Wulf | ESPN

The Gnome

A usual day in the unusual life of the Tampa Bay Rays' Joe Maddon, a manager unlike any other in Major League Baseball.

Katie Baker | The Ringer

The Great Communicator

Terry Francona has rebuilt the Cleveland Indians into a title contender and reassumed his position as a baseball legend.

Frank Deford | Sports Illustrated

Love, Hate, and Billy Martin

Billy Martin turned the Twins, Tigers, and Rangers into winners in spite of a brawler's image that jeopardized his career.

Chris Jones | ESPN

A Long Journey to Spring

Royals coach Mike Jirschele spent 36 years in the minor leagues, most of them preparing players for the jump that eluded him.

Tom Friend | Sports Illustrated

The Renaissance of Clint Hurdle

Clint Hurdle could not shake the label — Hopelessly Traditional Manager. Yet, in his fourth decade in the game, he has evolved.

Frank Deford | Sports Illustrated

Sweet & Lou

Age, success, and a good woman have mellowed Mariners manager Lou Piniella. So whom can we rely on now to storm out of the dugout in a righteous rage?